Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just nod if you can hear me

Oh my god, January. So busy. So very busy.
I've got six family member birthday's to worry about, not including my own, snow is an ever prevalent problem and then there's the Clock Crew's Flash Flood.

To assume that you're uninitiated; every January the Clock Crew (a flash animation group who make games/cartoons about living inanimate objects with clocks for faces) has a month long event wherein you're supposed to make 1 flash a day. So that's 31 movies over 31 days. That's alot of work. And it requires some degree of consistent creativity. This is a problem, as I am both lazy and uncreatively so. You can check out everything I've made thusfar at

I recommend watching "The Decision: Part II" & "Winter Wonderland, eh?", because as of now, they are the only ones worth a toss.

EDIT - New shitty ass comic!

And that's all for today.
Check in for my next unscheduled update at some undetermined point in time.

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