Thursday, December 1, 2011

Allons-y, Alonso!

And thus I begin my first real blog post. Since I am now taking part in what is possibly the most self indulgent of all internet activities; allow me to say that today kicked more ass than any given school day of my life.

But moving on from that, let's talk about production type stuff.

- Super Mutant Samurai Potatoes (my "forever in development-hell" short film) has once again entered pre-production. This time, however, I am not having outside assistance. yes, this sucker will be 100% Rob Hyde written and directed. Terrifying, ain't it?

- December is upon us, and Christmas is 20-something days away, meaning very shortly I've got to get to work on another Clockmas flash movie. More on that once I've got some solid plans.

- Finally; Here's another Shitty-Ass Comic for your viewing dis-pleasure.

And that's all for now. Check back sooner or later for more updates possibly.


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